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Prof. Olawale, A. MORONKOLA

Director General, National Institute for Sports

The Director General is the Chief Executive Officer of the Institute and is responsible to the Council for the day –to- day administration of the Institute. The Director General is the Chairman of the Management Committee; and the Academic Board. He is the Chief Accounting Officer.

The Office of the Director General comprise the following Units:







The Unit performs internal financial control functions by ensuring the following:

  • Proper authorization of all expenditure.
  • Proper expenditure of funds for the purpose for which monies were collected.
  • Proper accounting for all monies collected/generated.
  • Compliance with financial rules and regulations.
  • Proper maintenance of financial records.
  • Proper accounting for all expenses with back up receipts.


 The Unit is responsible for the following functions:

  • Collection of data and assist in writing and editing press releases, pamphlets, etc
  • Collection of materials from relevant Ministries, Departments and Institutions for general information and publicity.
  • Assists in publicity of the Institute’s activities.
  • Assists in production of Newsletters, Information Brochure, and Calendar of Events etc.
  • Assists in Protocol arrangement during Seminars, Workshops, Conferences, etc.
  • Monitors the Media to determine matters that affects the Institute.
  • Performs Master of Ceremony role during Institute’s activities.
  • Assists in Processing Officers travelling documents.
  • Organises Press Conferences/Releases.
  • Advises the Institute on Public relation matters.


Following the creation of the Procurement Officer Cadre and the directive to establish a procurement Department/Unit in MDA’s by the Office of the Head of Service of the Federation, the Unit was established in 2013 as a Unit under the Office of the Director. The Unit performs the following functions:

  • Ensures due process in the Procurement of goods and services in the Institute;
  • Monitors periodic update of prices
  • Undertakes market survey and maintenance of a periodically updated price database
  • Ensures adherence to all extant Public Sector Procurement procedures and regulations;
  • Maintains of a register of Suppliers/Contractors for the Institute.
  • Liaises effectively with the Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP) on procurement matters.


 The Unit is responsible for ensuring prompt and
quality service delivery. It performs the following functions:

  • Formulates Service Charter for the Institute, various Departments and Units.
  • Ensures quality service delivery
  • Acts as mediators during service breakdown
  • Entertains complaints and ensure redress of complaints


The Unit which was established in 2004 performs the under listed functions:

  1. Advices the Institute on legal matters.
  2. Drafts legal documents;
  3. Provides Legal representation in suits involving the Institute;
  4. Drafts contract documents between the Institute and any other party.