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Dr. Folorunsho, A. L.

Ag Institute Librarian

The NIS Library Rules


In order to maximize the use of the Library, the following rules and regulations must be adhered to:

(i)           All bags should be kept on the shelves at the entrance, at owner’s risk.

(ii)          Non-NIS Staff and students should produce letters of recommendation and current identity cards from their employers or Heads of Departments before they are obliged to use the Library.

 (iii)        Non-library staff are prohibited from the restricted areas of the library except with express permission.

The library operates both open and closed systems in book lending. There is free access to books and documents on open shelves. Whereas the REFERENCE and the RESERVED sections are closed shelves; request for such materials should be registered with the library Staff.

(iv)        Stealing and mutilation of library materials will result in expulsion or report to security agency

(v)          Use of GSM phone is disallowed in the Library and its vicinity as silence must be strictly maintained by all Library clientele.

 (vi)        Reservation of seats is disallowed.

(vii)       Books consulted should be left on the table for the library staff to re-shelf.

 (viii)      Students can borrow a maximum of two books for four days. Staff are entitled to two books per two weeks. However, reserved books, journal and audio visuals are NOT TO BE TAKEN OUT.

(ix)        Monopoly of books or any other library material is disallowed.

 (x)          Eating in library is highly prohibited.

 (xi)        In case of any problem, the library staff should be contacted for assistance.

 (xii)       The library management has the prerogative to recall any material lent out to its users whenever need arises.

(xiii)      Users can access the computers for information within a period of one hour.   

The e-resources must be used strictly for library service

The NIS Library - Opening Hours

Monday – Friday:      9.00 a.m. – 9.00 p.m.

Saturdays:               9.00 a.m. –12 noon

Sundays and Public Holidays:       Closed

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