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General Administration

The General Administration Department is the pivot of activities in the Institute. It is headed by the Registrar who is responsible to the Director for the day to day administration of the Institute. Keeps safe custody all records of the Institute. The Registrar is assisted by two Deputies, namely the Deputy Registrar Administration and Deputy Registrar Academics. The Registrar inter-alia performs the following functions:  

  • Taking charge of General Administration Department.
  • Secretary to the Governing Council and other Statutory Committees
  • Maintaining and taking custody of statutory records and documents of the Institute;
  • Application and interpretation of administrative regulations;
  • Handling of personnel matters; recruitment/ promotion/ advancement, discipline etc;
  • Undertaking administrative Staff deployment and allocation of administrative facilities;
  • Implementing approved training policy and programmes;
  • Attending to needs of Students;
  • Coordinating examinations for the Students;
  • Assist in preparation of Budget Proposals;
  • Catering for and coordinating the activities of various Departments and Units in the Institute;
  • Assisting in formulation, execution and review of policies.
  • Overseeing the general security of the Institute.

Mr. Belmond Benson  


The General Administration Department comprise of the following Units:

  • Personnel
  • Registry
  • Hostel
  • Medical
  •  Pension
  • Store
  • Students Affairs
  • Exams and Records
  • Students Admission


Mr. R.N Onyeabor (Ag. Registrar)                 –           1992-1994                                          

Mr. J. U. Okereke                                           –           1994-1999

Mr. C. S. Jang                                                 –           2000-2006

Alh. I. U. Argungu                                           –           2006-2012

Dr. (Mrs). G. A. Obajimi (Ag. Registrar)       –           2012-2015

Mr. M. A. Adeneye  (Registrar)                      –           2015 – March 2023