The Department of Sports Management prepares Students for career in Sports Management, Sports Marketing, Sports Journalism and Stadium Management.

Our Programme is structured to equip Students with excellent managerial knowledge and skills required to flourish in the sports industry. Aside, the Department provides consultancy Services in Sports Management, organizes Seminars, Conferences and Workshops for Sports functionaries.

The Department is headed by Dr. Akinremi F. A. who has NCE in Physical and Health Education from College of Education, Ondo; B.Ed., Physical and Health Education, University of Ilorin; M.A., Sports Administration, University of Ife; Ph.D. in Sports Administration and Management, Lagos State University (LASU).


The Sports Coaching and Training Department offers various Coaching programmes at the Basic, Advanced Certificate, Diploma and Higher Diploma levels. At the core of all these programmes, students are acquainted with the technical know-how, tactics and contemporary coaching techniques to make them relevant and impactful in sports coaching.

The aim of our programme is to produce graduates equipped with scientific skills to coach at different levels of sports development.

The Coaching Department, also provides technical support to Schools, Club, States and National Athletes in preparation for competitions. It also deploys its expertise to Sports Federations on advisory capacity.

The Department is headed by Dr. Jimmy K. A. a professional with NCE in Physical and Health Education, Federal College of Education, Yola; B.Ed. in Physical and Health Education, Ahmadu Bello University (ABU); M.Ed. in Sports Administration, University of Lagos (UNILAG) and Ph.D. in Sports Psychology, Lagos State University (LASU). He is also a Table Tennis veteran.


The National Institute for Sport Research and Sports Department was established to serve as a hub of Sport research. Our goal is to conduct and administer specialized scientific and high level research to galvanise high performances at various levels of Sports.

Activities for the Research Department include;

  •  Fitness testing of athletes and team members at all levels to obtain and account physiological profile.
  •  Develops specific fitness training programmes and monitoring strict adherence to them.
  •  Provides benchmark physiological information to direct long-term athlete development.
  •  Works in collaboration with other Sports Units and Establishment in organizing Seminars, Clinic and Workshops in various Sports discipline.
  •  Collects and analyzes factual information and conduct investigations in Sports and related matters to solve specific problems.
  •  Ascertains and monitors the performances ability and fitness levels of athletes and non-athletes as well as educates, advises and makes recommendation(s) for improvement.
  •  Assists Organizations and the public with current information/development in Sports.

The Department is headed by Dr. (Mrs.) Azubuike, Uchenne Chinedu a professional with Diploma in Physical and Health Education, University of Benin (UNIBEN); B.Ed. Physical and Health Education, University of Benin (UNIBEN); M.Ed., Exercise Physiology, University of Lagos (UNILAG); and Ph.D. Exercise Physiology, University of Lagos (UNILAG).


Established in 1972 and dedicated to higher performance in sports, the Institute has over the years produced over 15000 manpower in sports who have continued to place Nigeria on the podium in the global arena. Our graduands are predominantly engaged in service in National, State, Local Government, as well as in the sports clubs. A sizable number are in ECOWAS sub-region and other parts of Africa coaching and managing sports.